CP Global Parade!

Yeah, we’re gonna be in the parade. I didn’t sign us up, but I didn’t notice sign up, so whatever. We will join Hibernate, with HW. It is only small armies on that server. So here are the times.

Date: Sunday, March 14th


  • 3:00 PM PST
  • 6:00 PM EST
  • 11:00 PM GMT (didn’t schedule.)

Location: Hibernate

I cannot come, so good luck. Which reminds me, I’m going on vacation. More for that on the next post. If you come this will be 8 medals.

Well Basloo1 and I (Frothe) were on Hibernate for the Parade. But we did not see any other army on the server which we searched completely. So we had our own Tourmaster Parade which was a lot of fun. Here is a pic of us after we searched the server:

I know some people were afraid to go to the Parade since there were rumours about CP banning penguins if they rebeled. I did see a guy named Billybob walking around. He may of been a CP spy. I don’t really know.


11 Responses

  1. Idk

  2. I think i have hockey…

  3. If you check the site, it lists you under a different server =)

    Cahockey: No, we aren’t even on there.

  4. I might go if i am not busy on those times and the servers not full. Have a great vacation Cahockey!

    Cahockey: Thanks, I will.

  5. I will try to make it. Since my mom is Irish we might be running around this weekend. 🙄

  6. Sign your army up for CPAW small army news site Link Removed- No Advertising!

  7. You saw billybob O_o

  8. Billybob is one of the owners of the site!!!!!!! He one of the most known admins there!!

  9. Hello, I’m Sammy Cannon. I own the tournament that I invited to you. Could you go onto Link Removed- No Advertising!. To find out what room you are in, please go on the ‘Small Army Tournament’ page.

  10. Hey BFA is back we would like to be allies with SW again and Cahockey can come back as 4ic again. Its the same site as last time.

  11. Hey does SW want to merge with BFA Cahockey you can be leader. Well anyway i need an answer by Thursday comment on BFA site.

    Cahockey: Uhhhh….. No.

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