Cahockey edit- If you are on vacation or anything comment when you are going and when you’re coming back. We will not demote you, unless you hide it from us. Not commenting on active count during vacation time is fine.

Yes, I’m going on vacation for Spring Break. Friday ’till Monday (12-15). If I can I will check this site. But I will be gone from like 9:00-10:00 each day (11 at the latest) until about Idk 3-4, then I go for dinner. I might not even go back at 3-4, so… I will get on when I wake up, if there is any internet connection. If I have not commented or anything, it is because of internet. Do not think I am dead. So, I am trusting

Frothe1, Kkabc123, and Mmjjoo

to take care of this site. All swear words and links in comments will not be approved, but will be held under moderation. Please, do not get us into wars and battles. I’ma have a lot of fun! Though I need some money.


4 Responses

  1. Uh oh i asked bp for pb BEFORE U SAID ABOUT THIS

    Cahockey: *ono* Make it before Friday, or just wait for next Saturday.

  2. I promise i will

  3. OK we wont do anything dumb. So I scheduled a war with ACP. XD *joking*

    Have a good vacation!!! 😛

    Cahockey: Thanks. I sure will.

  4. Welcome Back!!

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