I Did What!?!?

Cahockey Edit- I looked at the page revisions. You were the only ones there. You are the only guy to change it ever since I did, and I never changed it. I saw no one else had did it. And my revision was before he joined. I’m not stupid. And BTW, you are an owner, so…

Cahockey I didn’t do that!  Why do you have to blame me…..  I didn’t rank a guy why would I!?!?  I already new that only owners could rank a person.  So why would i risk it?  Okay I’m just saying why would I if I new that rule?  I’m telling you I didn’t do it!


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    2000 commenter!!!!

  11. well whatever…im sorry i argued

    • The fact that you lied and denied it might even make it longer. Yeah, maybe another day or two. Lying to the leader… Yeah, two more days. You’re at 4 days. And bad news, I’m on vacation, and I think I can’t bring my laptop, so it’ll be on the Tuesday when you get it back, even though it should be the Monday. So you got yourself into more trouble.

  12. Well I guess I deserve that..

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