Mmjjoo, You’re Abusing Your Power

Okay, I understand you want to give someone a rank. But you give someone a way too high rank. Okay, I know you didn’t know, but you can’t give a rank. Only Leaders can. But I’m not gonna give you an editor suspension for that. I’m gonna give it to you for abusing your power, and giving someone that is new to CP Armies a 3rd highest mod rank. Yeah, we don’t tolerate that. Ezyegamer, please do not think you were demoted. The first rank you got is not actually your rank. If you are active (which you are) you can actually work your way to that rank. So Mmjjoo, that’s 2 day editor suspension. You will be an author for 2 days. If you give someone a rank again, it will be a month. Then permanent. You cannot give a rank at that rank. And don’t just quit, many people have gotten it and didn’t go crazy (not saying you will). It will make you look bad. And you won’t make the Hall of Fame, no matter what rank.


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  2. Oh ya also why would I quit I love this army…

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