We need to prepare for Tournament

We are signed up for a tournament. We are going to need to do some work to get ready for it. Come to the chat between 3pm-6pm PST M-F to help do some recruiting. We need to get a training session or PB going soon to be active again. Here are the tournament details:

Date: Saturday, March 27th


  • 12:00 NOON PST
  • 3:00 PM EST
  • 7:00 PM GMT

Location: Frostbite

Please visit here to view tournament rules.

So come on everybody!!! Lets get the Snow Warriors in tip-top shape!

*Remember to help build Snow Warriors city by clicking here *


10 Responses

  1. I can make it for the tournament 😀

  2. I just figured out that I might have hockey 😦

    • Remember its not this Saturday but the following Saturday 3/27/10. We need everyone on if we are going to stand a chance to win.

  3. I know…..But if it’s at 6:00 I can make the event. I’ll try but I don’t know..

  4. Thanx cahockey

  5. Soccer pratice :(.

  6. Still not sure..

  7. I am willing to make you a new header, if you wish. Just let me know!

  8. Checking city!

  9. I can come rather i am here 🙂

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