Meh Back

Okay, I’m back. I’m sorry for changing you back a bit late Mmjjoo. Anyway, if I am not very active, it is because Adventure Quest is taking over my Club Penguin life. I’m soon going to leave all armies, except SW. Over my vacation, I finished my first year of CP armies (my first army was on March 13th 2009 and it was the Nachos.) So now that it’s my first year (which was basically my goal) I’m gonna retire from ST (though they removed me for no reason). I’ll stay in HW for a bit. But if they schedule 2 events in one day, I might not come to the least important one. Then, I think I’m gonna retire from SW for about a month on it’s anniversary, August 25th. On that day I will release my retirement speech, even though I’m not really retiring. Please don’t hate my guts if I forgot you. I will actually start the speech right now. If you can, join Adventure Quest here and you can be able to talk with me. My name is Cahockey (obviously xD). Make yours your CP name if you can. Go on server Galanoth.


7 Responses

  1. Cahockey, don’t leave HW 😥

    Cahockey: Don’t worry. I’ll stay for 2-3+ months. Anyway, if I do, it will just be part time HW. That means I will only come to important events and only one a day (you decide which is more important.

    • What if two armies invade our capital in one day =P
      Mmjjoo: Then I guess we have to battle both of them O_o….
      Cahockey: I’d come to the one that has the bigger army invading.

  2. make sure u add me (wary)
    btw, im foo fighter
    -Hades/Foo Fighter

    Cahockey: Why would I add you… Jk. Of course I’ll remember you.

  3. 😦 WHY!?And if you do retire who will be Main Leader?Who can really take care of sw

  4. It’s okay and how was your vacation??

  5. Well ST merged with WW then made a 2nd Generation Snow Troops which I am not part of either. You had to comment on WW merge to be in WW so if you did not comment you are not in it.

    Anywho, I have seen that game Adventure Quest. Is it really fun? Is it a RPG (Role Playing Game) + a virtual world in one?

    Cahockey: Basically. You pick a class then you get special attacks and you can get monsters. Then you get level ups. Fun, right?

    • So what did you pick? warrior mage rouge priest

      Cahockey: Doesn’t matter, except Priest is for healing. I like Mage the most.

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