Soory for my absence but theres a few things on my mind

1.Cahockey, if you leave who will take care of SW(In other words Main Leader)

2.What if this army falls if you leave.

3.Im sorry ive been a little inactive

But now ill be really active again so see you later.


2 Responses

  1. 1. I am not retiring, I am taking a break (but I will have a speech.) No one will take my spot until I actually retire
    2. If anyone retires when I take a break I will be extremely mad at them and they will not get a hall of fame spot, and they will be erased from my speech.
    3. That’s okay. You probably went on vacation, which is fine, or you just had personal stuff.

  2. We have until August before he retires. Thats a long time. So dont panic and try to make the Snow Warriors last at least until summer when we can grow big.

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