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Does Darthman Deserve His Spot?

Do you think Darthman deserves his spot? I don’t. He hasn’t checked the site in over two months. I’m probably gonna demote him anyway, but whatever. If he is demoted, he will be a mod/member rank. Here are de questions:

1. CP Name: Cahockey

2. SW Rank: Leader

3. Does he deserve his spot: No

4. Mod or member (if yes to above question): Member.

BTW, comment with if Dino should be in also. And if Darthman is demoted, Koko218 will take his spot.  I am not giving it to Mathmatt because Koko has more experience (she did lead an army that was never on it’s feet) and she has been in longer. She has better tactics (no offense Math, but you don’t really do much either. You’ll joke bomb when we hello bomb, vice versa) and in my opinion she would do better as that rank.


6 Responses

  1. 1.Mmjjoo
    3.Not a chance

  2. Meep.

    • Meep xD

  3. 1. CP Name: Frothe1

    2. SW Rank: Leader

    3. Does he deserve his spot: No

    4. Mod or member (if yes to above question): Member

    Dino joined and went to 1 event then I never seen him again.

  4. must have new post!

  5. 1.Kkabc123

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