Tourny Times!

I finally got a hold of the tourny times!  Here they are!

Friday 9th April:

Server: Cozy

Room: Snow Forts

SW vs BG

6:30 GMT

1:30 EST

12:30 CST

11:30 MST

10:30 PST

Mmjjoo Edit- LOL Cahockey accidentally un-sticked this post because he thought it was last Friday…

*Remember to help build Snow Warriors city by clicking here*


5 Responses

  1. OK its on my calander but I am not sure if I can make it. Will know my schedule better next week.

  2. kk


    We have declared war on you, not for any bad reasons, simply because we believe that we can get to No1.

    I hope we can have some fun wars, I will schedule some invasions later unless youm beat me to it :roll


  4. i THINK i can come.

    Cahockey: Too late xD…

  5. Sorry I couldnt make it this morning. How did it go?

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