Tournament by RWCP/problems

So Cahockey, Kkabc, and I (Frothe) went to the RWCP sponsered tournament to battle against Rebel Enforcers. Only 1 Rebel showed up but the fight was cut short due to some tournament preparation problems. It seems that the server Fog belongs to the Night Warriors. The NW came on chat and threaten war against us if we did not leave the server. So I cut our battle short. I guess the Royal Wolves never got permission from the Night Warriors to use their server. However the RWCP did give us the win. So we are in round 2. We will fight Rock Star Army and Team Red next Saturday April 11 on a different server I will post all details later. Here is a pic.


7 Responses

  1. Lol, NW fail huge.

  2. srry the nw have been threatining us -.- we just brush em off their newbs

  3. Good luck guys, this is gonna be a triple threat match, i always wondered what would happen during one of these.

  4. should have accepted the war. dont let armies push you around.

    Cahockey: It could get worse than that. They could start hacking. Anyway why do they blame us? RWCP is who did it.

    • RWCP should of got permission from NW to use their server. My guess is that all day long armys kept showing up on NW server and they did not know why.

      So it was not our fault for being there.

  5. if they hack, report it to wordpress, their site would be gone lol

  6. and im not sure, they are probably newbs

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