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Ok so CPU has declared war on us for several reasons.

They are trying to get are 1st place in small armies according to Sammy Cannon. So we need to protect it.


Server:Matterhon (So no one will get mad at us)






If you cant come comment and if you  can.


12 Responses

  1. hey im in cpu and they arnt good times what about uk soldiers come on its a bank holiday plz change them to like 900am PST

    10:00am MST

    11:00am CST

    12:00pm EST


    dont you have any uk soldiers


  3. If this is an invasion I see no point in it, because we don’t own matterhorn. Itt’s not some sort of PB, to be sorted out over 1 night, and this is to short notice to be of any value.

    I’ll be scheduling some invasions…

    What is this event for?


  4. Im sorry, but these times are entirely messed up, I doubt (though it is possible) that there was no 24 hours expected time gap before this battle. We’ll try and attend, however, I cannot guarentee anything.

    Will this battle count for anything?


  5. Good luck!

  6. I can’t make it..

    Cahockey: That “…” makes me feel that you can, but you don’t want to.

  7. Bad times for everyone, not enough notice. Twingy said it won’t count, so don’t come. It’s pointless.

  8. sorry i couldn’t come i had to go somewhere

  9. Sorry and and hockey can u change times?And its the battle for number 1 spot.Since they want it.

  10. BFA wants to have more battles Vs. Snow Warriors (hopefully i will be there this time) same rules as before look on BFA site for the details.

  11. Sorry I was out of town all day. 😦

    Did anything happen?

  12. test

    Frothe is the 3,150 commenter!

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