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A Few Quick Notes

Just a few things.

  • Other armies tend to be scared of us (names will not be listed) so they make events at bad times. I will know why you make an event when people have school or at dinner.
  • Please stop signing us up for tournaments! We have had about 3-4 tournaments the last 2 weeks. Plase, just like 1 every 2-3 weeks. And if you don’t mind asking first. But don’t make us drop out of the current ones.
  • Our recent turnouts haven’t been good. C’mon guys, be active! Our active recruits haven’t been coming much. Just me, Frothe, and sometimes Kkabc123. We’re better than that. Mmjjoo, you should be coming. All I get from you is “I can’t come…” That “…” makes me think you can, but you don’t want to.
  • Lots of comments have been trashed lately. So someone is deleting them. Frothe, Kkabc, and Mmjjoo are the only people that can. I’m not blaming you guys, but I’m saying unless somebody hacked, someone of those 3 is. Most of them are join comments.
  • Just wanted to give out the chances for people in hall of fame.


  • Cahockey=1000000000000000000000000% chance
  • Frothe= 100% chance
  • Kkabc123= 95% chance
  • Mmjjoo= 80% chance
  • Mckewanman= 50% chance, losing 5 every week
  • Darthman= 0% chance, unless he comes back
  • Mathmatt= 40% chance
  • Dino= 0% chance, unless he comes back.

That’s it for the owners (former owners too.) So that’s it


8 Responses

  1. 2100th comment!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I also can trash comments but I really never log on anymore anyways.

  3. I deleted a couple of duplicate join comments and a couple of damaging comments made about the army. I also deleted some spam adverts. But they were nothing that important.

    • Okay, thanks for saying that and not being scared 😉

  4. Ummmm if your army has to battle when some people cant come because of dinner/ school wont they lose people from dinner/school. Also were am i i’m a retired owner.

    • You never did anything for us, except join, so you’re not on there. There is no point of looking, anyway.

  5. When I say “I can’t come..” I always have 3 on 3 AKA Hockey. Or I’m at my sisters’ houses’ …. It’s not that I don’t wanna come it’s that I’m just way to busy. Sorry if you thought I ment I didn’t want to. Also YES 80% CHANCE OF HALL OF FAME SPOT!! YIPPEE!!! Also I didn’t delete any comments. Well I did but they were me messing up xD

  6. Wasnt me.

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