Bad day on Mukluk

Well Club Penguin Union invaded Mukluk and I tried to defend it alone. 😦

An epic picture of me lobbing a snowball at 2 CPU soldiers. 😀
I was hoping to stall them until help arrived but it never came. 😕

This is me keeling over after taking a joke bomb to the gut. 😯

Me spamming with my white trained attack puffle. :mrgreen:

I attacked their line making a war face. As far as doing a solo attack my tactics were very good. 😉

Finally I tried to defend from a joke bomb but got knocked on the head. 😡 I limped to the town to find aid but no one came to my rescue. 😦
The CPU continued their attack so I had to seek shelter in my igloo. There I fell to the floor exhasted and passed out. 😐


5 Responses

  1. So we win? 😆 I like the smiles you used! In the end it was CPU: 4| SW: 1. Thank you for the Battle.

    Cahockey: You made pretty bad times, so… It’s not very fair. You guys said that 12:00 was the fairest time every, but it’s one of the worst.

  2. sorry i could not come because i had to go somewhere


  4. I feel so bad that i will come to reclaim and we will win i will be on CP until the battle ends. (I might not come but if im not busy im there)

  5. should have asked me to help. i can pretend to be a snow warrior lol

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