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RWCP tournament round 2. We lost (We really won)

Ok so we had more people but Team Red said they had better tactics (aka doing lines, J bombs, and emotes). So i said it was a tie. Then I realised that we did that so they kept on saying THEY won. Anyway we know we won. Let them be.

Frothe: Sammy and I had a long discusion about who won. We had more people but they had better tactics (maybe?). We just won a tournament and there will be others to win so let them have this one. Thanks to Rockstar Army, they said they thought we had won. Now some pics:

We prepare for the tournament in my (Frothe) igloo. 🙂

We started the tournament at the snowforts. But a girl named Kinga started to freak out when she saw us fighting so we all stopped and tried to tell her we were having a tournament for fun. I guess she did not understand. 🙄 We did not want to create civil panic so we took our tournament to the boiler room which has less traffic.

So here we started our fight over. Then Rockstar Army decided to change color to light blue cuz it was a bit confussing.

Some great Warrior shouts SNOW WARRIORS RULE!!! 😛

Joke bombs galore.

SW does a Hello bomb while Team Red toot charges and Rockstar Army Joke bombs.

Mimi proclaims victory! :mrgreen:

We show Team Red our sportsmenship.

NOTE: CPU What the heck most of us are PST i think and we were sleeping so next time no bad times EVEN MINE WERE BETTER!


2 Responses

  1. So everyone is PST, when no one voted for it? Plus all my PST Times have been fair; Actually Twingy made them ❗ …

  2. Votes are still coming in and yes most of us are PST. Some people thought the time was 12midnite PST instead of 12noon PST.

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