I think we should declared war with army called snow warriors too.http://clubpenguinarmywarriors.wordpress.com/ they said we dont care you noob when i told them WE owned it.


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  1. Yeah some people never do any research for a new name. 🙄

    We are on google and 2 small army sites top ten lists.

    If they want war they will get it.

  2. HW will help pwn these nooby.. noobs. =D

    • I don’t think it will be a problem. They only have 5 troops in their army. 😆

      In the past few weeks Snow Warriors have become well known in the small army community. Most small armys now know our leaders and we have formed some close alliances.

      Thanks for the offer. If we really think we need the help we will call on you. 😉

  3. Hi

    • Anderson4 :l

  4. *edited out* (This guys is a real noob)

    • This guy seems determined to make the biggest mistake of his army life. Oh well, soon his recruits will be signing up with us.

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