Better day on Mukluk

Its was a better day on Mukluk because I was not alone this time. However we only had 3 warriors and that was not enough to take Mukluk back from the CP Union army. 😦

We fought hard and our tactics were good but they were good also and they outnumbered us. 😕

Sorry I only got a few pics which didn’t show much action. Believe me we were all fighting hard. 😉

We did a toot charge while they did a joke bomb inside the mine.

Thanks to Ezyegamer, Jake46789, and myself (Frothe1) for showing up to an important battle to regain control of Mukluk, but to no avail. I will try to get the medals page revived this week so we can reap the rewards of being active. Everybody else needs to pick it up for the Snow Warriors. 😐


3 Responses

  1. *edited out*

  2. TR would like a PB with SW. So here are the details:
    Saturday, 24th April 2010
    7pm UK,2pm EST,1pm CST,12pm MST and 11am PST
    Frostbite, Snow Forts


    Sammy Cannon

  3. I cant believe we lost but when we get FAIR times at LEAST we might win

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