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PB with Team Red

Team Red has asked for a practice battle with us and I accepted. Here are the times:

Date: Saturday, April 24th


  • 11:00 AM PST
  • 2:00 PM EST
  • 7:00 PM GMT

Location: Frostbite Snowforts

Also we will be helping Hydro Warriors recruit this week and they will also help us recruit. Times and place have not been determined yet. Stay tuned.

*Remember to help build Snow Warriors city by clicking here *


18 Responses

  1. I am the leader of the UFNA (Ultimate Fire Ninja Army) .
    I need you during the invasion of ACP.Here is the info.
    Server:Mammoth and Marshmallow

  2. Guys, TR is partly getting hacked. PS: Yougot the times wron.g I’m from the UK and I know my times

    • Wow I checked an online time converter and your right. The time difference is back to 8 hours again. How did that happen? Cuz we moved our clocks forward in the US. Does the UK adjust its clocks forward also? Thats the only thing that would make sense.

      • UK Clocks changed just after yours

  3. I can make it.

  4. lol You guys are some of the stupidest people I have ever met in my time of CP Warfare. I mean, who edits out comments, why don’t you just be a tough and take it? Having a war would just be a waste because you said you wouldn’t change your name. You’ll be sorry… lol

    Cahockey: We’d pwn you, so go away. You’ll make us more mad.

  5. Ill be there hopefully if it is the right time 😀

  6. About ATM 23: I am ATM 23. I joined Club Penguin in November 2009. (Hey, Thx for telling me, I meant to say Nov. 08. lol) I was on Mimo’s site looking at updates when I found teh ACP site. Then I found the RPF site and just read all of Commando’s posts. Then I started my own army called SPAAF. That army died and now me and my buds have started a new army, the Penguin Armed Forces. (ROFL!!!! Frothe, you think your all that. Your noob army. You still didn’t change your tactics because j bombing is illegal in CP warfare you idiots. lol You guys sound like 9 year olds. “Oh its our name, you can’t have it, if you win the battle we will still have it.” LMAO!!!!!

    Cahockey: And you’re some 40 year old, or some 3 year old who can’t let stuff go.

    Frothe: Nov. 08? I do doubt that. 😐 Cuz if you were on since 08′ you should know better than to name your army after somebody elses. I see another one of your soldiers quit. Now you have 4 troops. Your all talk and you bore me.

    • Lmao, ive seen plenty of people like this in my experiance. Ignore them, they wont make it anywhere anyway. And i doubt he joined in 08.

  7. lol Your probably gonna edit that out right?

    Cahockey: No, but you would.

  8. maybe.don’t know softball time yet….

  9. why is that noob talking to us? j bombing is illegal? scince when? I will try to make it.

  10. who is this atm23 noob?

    • He re-named his army the Snow Warriors. Even after he found out we already have the name. I am going to nominate him noob of the year. XD

      • Im sorry, but DC owns that competition.

      • you should

  11. Not trying to intrude, but frothe, if you see this, comment on the newest TW post.

    • Ok

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