Snow Warriors / Team Red PB

We had a practice battle with Team Red today. We did great and we were going to call it a draw at 11:25am but then more TR soldiers came on and wanted to fight until 11:30am. So they ended up winning cuz of their size. It was fun anyways. Here are some pics:

We do the igloo emote while they do a mix of things. XD

We do a Hello Bomb. :mrgreen:

I congratulate the troops. 😉

We celebrate with Sammy Cannon at the Pizza Parlor.

Here is our chat.


One Response

  1. Pretzel Army Of Clubpenguin Would Like To Have A Practice Battle With Snow Warriors.

    Heres The Info.
    Date: April 30
    Time: 2:00 p.m pst, 5:00 p.m est
    Server: Snowfall, Snowforts

    Please Be There. We Want To Test Out Are Activeness.
    P.S Heres Our Site:


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