Mid-week recruit

Its about time we tried to do some recruiting for our army. Show your support and lend a hand.

Date: Wednesday, April 28th


  • 4:00 PM PST
  • 7:00 PM EST
  • 12:00mid GMT

Location: Matterhorn (if its full then Ice Pond), Town

Lets see if we can make some new friends and increase the penguin power of The Snow Warriors. :mrgreen:


7 Responses

  1. I can make it!

  2. *cough* mmjjoo thunder warriors activity check *cough*

  3. Froget the header part that was from somone else I asked -.- lol Frothe u r holding sw up amizingly keep up da work ;D

    • Thanks alot! 😉

  4. Are you guys gonna fight cpu again? xD

    • We are not at war with them right now if thats what you mean. Someday when we get more troops we might try to get our server Mukluk back. But right now we are not figting CPU.

      • I Can Help Get Mukluk xD

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