Announcing what will happen

Me and Mmjjoo were on AQW, and he asked me if he could get leader spot. I said yes, but if you do a new generation. See, if you do 2nd generation you guys change the rules, servers, and everything. So leaders will be Frothe, Kkabc123, and Mmjjoo. I’m gonna be on the 2nd gen. site, with all the other owners. We’ll do an active count to see who’s with the 2nd gen thing. This site will be kept up for memory. BTW, I’m staring my retirement speech. So have fun guys with the new rules and stuff. And, we’ll have 4 leaders, except it will be like this:

Frothe1, Kkabc123, Mmjjoo, Cahockey (inactive, retiring soon)

Frothe1 will be the main leader. If you need anything I’ll check once a week or Mmjjoo or Kkabc can tell me through AQW. Bye.


2 Responses

  1. Still working on site

  2. Meh will make teh graphics.

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