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Career Ends Here

No, not a joke. I am actually retiring. I will basically be taking a break till August 25th, then I’ll retire.

Well, today is one of the saddest days of my life.  I’m retiring from one of the best small armies, SW. I feel real sad right now. It feels bad when you’re retiring from your own army. But, AQW is just better now, and I can’t have time for both. Now here is my speech:

It all started on March 10th 2009 (or something like that). I was going around Fjord, and saw people in sombreros saying “Join Nachos.” I was like “?”. I found out they were an army. So I decided to go buy a sombrero and join them. Three days later I looked up the site, found it, and joined.

The first war was against a noob army that we pwned badly. I came to a lot of events, and got promotions, until I reached highest member rank. I never got a promo, and people more inactive got ahead of me. So I got kind of mad. But I got really happy when the best leader ever thanked me in his speech. I was freaked out because he’d thank me not the others, but I was happy. They made a new site which all of you probably remember, and I was fired for no reason, or because I didn’t go on their chat because it’s always swearing.

I decided to make my own army, Orange Army of Club Penguin. Yeah, they failed badly. Only me and Koko were active. So I shut them down for about three days until I got an idea…

I made a hockey team called Ice City Snowmen. We had 3.5 active. They were me, Greenday184, Foo Fighter, and Koko218 (half active). I switched the name so we had a server, so we were Frozen Snowmobiles. We did nothing really. No one except me showed up to games. We had a poll to see if we should switch to an army. More said no, but I didn’t care, so I made the army you are looking at today on August 25th 2009.

We got a lot of people active. Our best month was December 09. Our best war we had like 8 or 9, but it was against GW (I think they’re GT now) and they rocked us. The record of hits was like 323 or something. My saddest day was when Greenday retired. We accomplished a lot of things, like 1st small army, and many others.

Then, on February 26th 10, my friends at school showed me a game called AQW. I tried it, and loved it. So I thought, AQW, SW, or both. I picked both. But as AQW got better, I started to go from 50-50 to about 70-30. Now I’m 90-10. So I decided to announce my retirement for the one year anniversary.

This is basically the end. Now, I have people to thank (in no specific order except the last people are the best and I will give stars for how big they were)

Mcnuggetboy (**): You were a good friend, then a butt head, then a friend, then you magically disappeared. I’ll always have BBQ sauce ;-).

Raphle8 (***): It was fun overthrowing you. BTW, you better be active. You were a good friend.

Person1233 (***): You were a great leader, and were real funny.

Akabob (*): Good, funny leader.

Koko218 (****): A good friend, sister, and was active sometimes. It’s fun pwning you on you on PVP, but it’s always 2-1, so you win too. Thanks for having a long army stretch.

Coldfreeze (**): You helped me out when I was a noob. Thanks for being a good friend.

Mckewanman (***): Left magically, but you were a good friend and was active.

Lje98 (***): Hated you, liked you, hated you, now you’re a good friend.

Dino (**): Thanks for letting SW pwn you 6-1. You should work on your tactics. But a good friend he was.

Reeceb (***): Magically disappeared, but did lot’s for SW.

Poppymelt (**): Good friend, gave me a good rank in BFA.

Mathmatt (***): Was active for a little bit, was a real good friend.

Darthman10 (**): Was active a tiny bit, then magically disappeared then came back and is inactive. But was also a good friend.

Basloo1 (***): I’m sure Frothe told you, but you were active, and not much recruits are.

Hayzal (***): Good friend, and was also an active recruit

Riotors (*): Was nice knowing you, sorry about the day thing.

Ezyegamer (**): Was an active recruit, which is awesome.

Kkabc123 (*****): Very good friend, awesome leader. I am still stunning you how I level up so fast on AQW. Good luck catching up with me xD. Goodbye awesome friend.

Mmjjoo (*****): Good luck as a leader. You were an awesome friend, and a real great co- leader and I hope that’ll be the same as a leader. BFW will do well I know it. See you on AQW.

Frothe1 (*****): An awesome friend, and an even better leader. You get to change the rules and everything. Good luck with generation #2. I know you’ll lead us to a very good place. You still lead the army with most events came to, even ahead of me (or tied, but I say you’re ahead.) Good luck man.

And don’t think you’re forgotten (Idc if 5 stars is the max)….

Greenday184 (**********): You did everything. Advertised, came to events, helped with everything. You were an awesome friend, and really good leader. If it weren’t for you, we would have been dead already. You helped the hockey teams, and especially the army. I was very sad when I found out you were leaving. You were our most active (besides me.) You held a lot of records, and I think you were our best leader. You were as good as me. We’d probably be close to where we are today if I wasn’t here because of you. I hope you have fun with MW2 or whatever you play. I know you’ll pwn at it. See ya. You were awesome. I hope you will see this.

So this is the end. 2nd generation will be starting. I’m not actually retired, I’m just releasing everything now. I won’t check much but I will be retiring on August 25th. But for now I’m just going to be on AQW. The only reason I’m writing this now is because I’m banned from AQW today. Goodbye friends.

Goodbye SW.

Goodbye CP

Thanks for everything guys. I won’t forget you guys. I would like my last word of SW to be…



18 Responses

  1. :O Cahockey, you retiring is like… idk, it’s just weird.

  2. Good luck on AQW Cahockey ;-)! we will miss you! 😥

    • I will miss you too. I’m level 22 out of 30 so maybe when I finish I’ll have more time for you guys and maybe come back for a week or two :-D. But it’ll take a long time to get to 30 😦

  3. Thanks Cahockey, you were probably my best friend in Club penguin Armies.

    Stay strong SW.


    • Thanks for taking you’re time to read that instead of play video games. You are my best friend through computers, and armies. Thanks man.

  4. I would like to speak to someone about something that requires urgent attention.
    It is about the CPC(Club Penguin Crew)- they’re back, and it appears they’re targeting small armies yet again. Me and the RWCP(who have already been targeted by the CPC) leader Dino68270 have reason to believe you may be targeted by the CPC. Us, the HW, and the RWCP have an idea we would wish to share with you. Please meet me on xat or comment on the HW site if you wish to know more.

  5. Thanks Cahockey You rock! See you on AQW oh and also the site is almost done!

    • K great. You’re gonna do well :-D. I’m gonna make an AQW site (which I’ve told you before I think) and I’ll add you on if you want. Thanks for the fun.

  6. Everyone has their time and now its Cahockey’s.

  7. thank you ca hockey btw we all will miss you and dont worry i will improve and be actiive

  8. Hey I wasnt mentioned!

    • You were a noob to me, and I didn’t even know you really.

  9. I remember seeing your name when I joined the Nachos last year but I dont think we ever talked. I was supposed to meet up with Greenday on CP and I saw you alone shouting Snow Warriors. So I joined and next thing I knew you made me a leader. You made a lot of events and games to keep us active. Just when I started posting you seemed to disappear. I know you found a new game and a lot of your friends have retired. I will miss this site. I will try to get Snow Warriors back up to par with Kkabc and Mmjjoo. Well bye for now and come by the new site and check up on us once in a while. Your pal Frothe.

  10. Goodbye Cahockey. Like a said before,you’re a brother to me.(i think thats what i said) Please stop by every now and then,im from now on going to be a SW supporter. I go on AQW sometimes, and my username is Pie for me53. I go in the server truffle most of the time. Best of luck,


  11. cya homes
    *Da first SW HOF*
    -Foo Fighter/Hades

  12. does it have to be the end???????? :’-(

  13. Scratch what I said were my last words, they weren’t…

  14. i play aqw wanna meet?

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