you guys are retards. When you get home you play cp until bedtime (which is 5 o clock for you) you have no life. You will live in your mother’s basement and never get a boyfriend


5 Responses

  1. I would hope they wouldnt get a boyfriend, seeing as they are mostly male. Now, what about you, who spends their free time yelling at the people doing what they enjoy. You must have no life if you have the free time to do that, huh Cahockey? Talk to me for a few minutes, we’ll see how high and mighty you feel after.

  2. Cahockey… CP helps build character!

  3. […] Link of proof : […]

  4. Cahockey you have no idea how dumb you are. SW’s leaders hate you know and soon the soldiers will. Oh, and epic fail on the boyfriend part. I’m suprised you could even create SW. CPFBI could pwn any army you made now. (Yes, even SW, CPFBI is medium now. And as a leader of SW I’m admiting that, not bragging) You probally have no life, your upsessed with watching football and probally play no sport. Get a life retard.

  5. we dont do that im not in this army anyway!

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