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Last updated: April 30th 2010 at 11:00 PM PST


Orange= Really Active, tries to come to every event (checks website every day)

Green= Is active, and comes to half of the events (checks website every 2 days)

Blue= Kind of active, comes to none/a quarter of the events (checks website every 3-5 days)

Red= Inactive, Never been to any events (never checks website or checks once every week or more)

Black= Just joined (switched after a week)

*If people have a name with 2 colors in it, it means that they are between the two.

Owner/Main Owner ranks are required to have a WordPress account so they can be on the site and posting. Here is what each one should be:

Leader- Editor

Co-leader- Editor or Author, depending on how much trust I have in them

Ambassador- Author or Contributor, depending on how much trust I have in them

Brigadier General- Contributor

NOTE: You will be ranked based on your experience.

Leaders (3. Max. 3): Cahockey, Kkabc123, Frothe1


Co-Leaders (3. Max 3): Mckewanman, Mmjjoo

Ambassadors (2. Max. 3): Mathmatt

Brigadier Generals (2. Max 3): Darthman10, John458896


Head General: Silver24shil, Cartoon, Basloo1

Grand General: Lucario564, Polo101, Dino68270

General: Ice Boy 60, Apom59

Major General: Biiels, Ezyegamer



Captain: Exblade315


Colonel: Dannydinio

Lieutenant: Raphle8

Officer: Ipenguin7656, Mimi5306, Lilkid1110

Sergeant: Purpee12, Gee Z, Zkodiac, Bcookiesv, Juihjuhu, Creeder1, Mariann4, Jessie3789

Corporal: Tat20s, Kiko 9989, Pengo629, Jtzink, Pvgracie, Naruto238,  Rider4429, Mcnuggetboy, Beduw5, Coldfreeze, Loonie 11, Icey Cold27, Tree Line 1, Bloby3000, Jones0236, Finakuamama, Claz123, Penguinboy587, Ttravis123, Rickytw, Kody 24, Dancycp, Skater 2711, Tilgen, Colts901, Wwewwfwcw, Iceberry089, Oakstone, Stoneoak, Azuar, Zonkey5, Burner99


Snow Division (Matterhorn/Ice Pond):

Leader: Cahockey

Troops: Rider4429, Naruto238, Mathmatt, Mckewanman, Jtzink, Icey Cold27, Finakuamama, Claz123, Skater 2711, Tilgen, Rickytw, Colts901, Iceberry089, Ice Boy 60, Cartoon, Lucario564, Basloo1, Ipenguin7656, Zkodiac, Creeder1, Azuar, Burner99

Slush Division (Snow Globe):

Leader: Kkabc123

Troops: Beduw5, Pengo629, Dannydinio, Loonie 11, Kiko 9989, Mcnuggetboy, Biiels, Bloby3o00, Devlim, Joneso236, Ttravis123, Dogfood86, Kody 24, Wwewwfwcw, Stoneoak, Raphle8, Apom59, Purpee12, Bcookiesv, Mariann4, Zonkey 5

Ice Division (Below Zero):

Leader: Frothe1

Troops: Candyboy8, Coldfreeze, Fredh8er, Mmjjoo, Reeceb, Tat20s, Darthman10, Pvgracie,  Tree Line 1, Penguinboy587, Dancycp, Oakstone, Exblade315, Silver24shil, Dino68270, Polo101, Ezyegamer, Geez, Juihjuhu, Jessie3789, Mimi5306

Retired (R)/Quit (Q):

Anderson4 (R), Foo Fighter (R), Mr. Muckyfeet (Q), Hayzal (R), Greenday184 (R), Koko218 (R)

Total Troops:



11 Responses

  1. sorry i have been inactive i forgot because i was so busy!

  2. sorry i couldnt come today i was going back to us from canada i promise next meeting i will come 😀

  3. how long will it be until i get orange if i am active all the time? i think one week

    Cahockey: You’re not very active, so…

  4. I know but if i am active a week would turn orange?

    Cahockey: From your activeness now, you’re blue. That’s what it’s gonna be. Stop asking.

  5. ok sorry

  6. wat happened to me

  7. man wat happened to me. i was on the ranks yesterday and now i am not on the ranks. can someone plz tell me wat happened

    *Frothe: Your on the old site. This is the new site: http://snowwarriorssecondgen.wordpress.com/

  8. Not much commet small army

  9. hay put me on the ranks ime ww bradiger could be higher but back in 2006 i was rpf 2seconed in comarned

  10. I’m gonna join if that’s alright. I just discovered the join page.:)

  11. Hey Im Not On The Ranks Anymore! >:o

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