Record Book

Here is the record book:

1st FS Story: Created by Cahockey, as we play the FB’s and win 4-3 in OT

1st Active Person: Slobbysnake (Foo Fighter)

Biggest Win: 6-1 vs. Hydro Warriors in a PB

Most Posts in a day: 5, Happened on 2 days

Most people on the site at the same time: 7

Most hits in a day: 190

Creator: Cahockey

First Main Leader: Cahockey

First Leader: Koko218

First Co-leader: Greenday184

First Demotion: Mcnuggetboy

First Promotion: Greenday184

First Custom Poll Style: Snow Warriors of Club Penguin, by Cahockey

Longest Post Title: Do Foo and Kieran Deserve The Ranks They Have?/Week Break Starting Monday (13 words) by Cahockey

If you have any ideas, comment them!


5 Responses

  1. 1st active person (goo)
    does this mean ill be in the hall of shame? XD
    -Foo Fighter

  2. do you think I will be in the hall of FAME or SHAME?

  3. Biggets Win
    2-1 XD XD XD
    -Foo Fighter

  4. lol i hold two records!

  5. First person in hall of fame and shame

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