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Here are some stories make by SW soldiers:

The Story of Snow Warriors

By: Cahockey

One day Cahockey got bored and started an army. He called it “Snow Warriors”. He put advertisements up everywhere. A penguin named Greenday184 saw the advertisements. He asked Cahockey if he could join. Cahockey said “Yes, and you will be a main leader with me”. “Okay, awesome!” replied Greenday184. Cahockey asked if Greenday184 had any weapons. Greenday184 said no. Cahockey said “I have an extra snowball gun. Want to use it?” “Sure!” said Greenday184. Cahockey said “Let’s go attack some other armies! I’ll show you the army plane”. On the way there Cahockey met a penguin named Reeceb. “Can I join your army?” asked Reeceb. “Sure!” answered Cahockey. “Do you have a snowball gun?” “Yepperz!” said Reeceb. “Do you want to come attack other armies with Greenday184 and I?” asked Cahockey. “Sure!” said Reeceb. “I saw some Nachos at the Snow Forts”. Cahockey, Greenday184 and Reeceb headed towards the army plane. They got in and flew towards the snow forts. They got out of the plane. “Do you have your snowball guns?” asked Cahockey. “Yep” said Reeceb and Greenday184. “Okay, here’s the plan” said Cahockey. “We climb to the top of the Night Club. We then shoot some of the Nachos with snowball guns. Then, we hide and grab our shields out”. “Yes, sir!” said Greenday184 and Reeceb. They quietly climbed to the top of the Night Club. They got out their snowball guns. They waited until the nachos made a line. Cahockey fired a shot at the person in the front of the line’s stomach. The person in front fell down. Then the person knocked down the person behind him. It had a domino effect. The three SW members laughed. “That was easy” said Cahockey. “Yeah” said Greenday184. On the way back to their base, they met a penguin named Frothe1. Frothe1 said “can I join?” “Sure!” said Cahockey. “Do you have a snowball gun?” “Yes” said Frothe1. Cahockey then said “I want to declare war on Mafia Army of CP!” “Good idea” said Greenday184. “Yeah” said Reeceb. Cahockey headed back towards the base. There they met a penguin named Raphle8. “I saw some ads. Can I join?” “Sure!” said Cahockey. “We were just heading to the MACP base. Want to come?” “Sure, but I don’t have any weapons.” said Raphle8. “That’s okay, you can use this extra snowball gun.” said Cahockey.  “Okay” replied Raphle8. They got in the army plane. “Do you have your guns fully loaded?” asked Cahockey. “ 😳 oops…” said Reeceb. He got out and filled his gun. He got in. They flew away. Once they arrived, Cahockey made sure everyone got their guns. “Okay, The only person in MACP is Blake1421, so we will own them”. Everyone 😆 ed. Blake1421 said “What are you doing here?” asked Blake1421. “We’re declaring war on you, silly” replied Cahockey. “What did you just say?!” yelled Blake1421 as he shot Cahockey with his snowball gun. Cahockey had quick reflexes, so he had pulled out his shield as he saw Blake1421 took out his gun. Cahockey shot Blake1421 in the stomach. Blake fell down. After 5 minutes, he got back up and tried to shoot Raphle8. But just as Blake 1421 shot, Frothe1 jumped right in the way of Raphle8. “What the heck was that for?!” yelled Cahockey as he tried to shoot Blake1421. Blake1421 dodged it. Blake1421 shot Reeceb in the leg. Cahockey sneaked behind Blake1421 and shot him in the back. Everyone pointed their guns at him. Once he got up, they all said “Surrender, or you’ll get shot. “ Blake didn’t care. He yelled “NO!” and shot Greenday184 in the stomach. Everyone shot Blake1421 in different spots. Everyone left Blake1421 in a metal cage. Blake1421 woke up an hour later. He shot the air because he thought Cahockey would still be standing there. “Where the heck am I?!!” yelled Blake1421 as he tried to brake out. Blake1421 only had his snowball gun inside the cage. He shot the floor with the gun. He realized that was the last snowball in his gun as he picked it up and drank the water from it. Blake1421 wanted to have a nap. He went to sleep, and never woke up again due to starvation.

War on a virtual game

By Cahockey

One day Cahockey’s army Snow Warriors was sitting at their base, doing nothing but playing an online virtual game. Each person on the game was a penguin. Everyone named their penguin after themselves. Cahockey said “on this game, why don’t I make an army called Snow Warriors?” “Good idea!” said Greenday184. So Cahockey made the army. He made a website for the virtual army. He called it http://snowwarriors.com. He then recruited on the virtual game with his friends, Reeceb, Greenday184, Frothe1 and Raphle8. On the virtual game Cahockey got a recruit named Mmjjoo. Cahockey said “go to the website” “okay” said Mmjjoo. The Cahockey asked to meet him at the snow forts in real life. Cahockey met Mmjjoo and gave him a snowball gun. Cahockey said “Bring your laptop over to the real SW base.” “Okay” replied Mmjjoo. When they got to the base, they all logged on to the virtual game. They met in the snow forts. Cahockey thought “on this game, why don’t I declare war on another army?” Cahockey declared war on Nachos in the virtual game, because Nachos only had 2 people on the virtual game. Cahockey posted the times up on his site, and then on the nachos site. On the game, they couldn’t use any weapons, but they could throw snowballs. While they waited for the war to start, they recruited. After awhile, a penguin named Foo Fighter saw them recruiting on the virtual game and he joined. Cahockey then said “go to an army base by the snow forts in real life!” “Okay” replied Foo Fighter. Foo Fighter arrived at the base with his laptop. He logged back on the virtual game and joined them. They waited until it was time for the war. The nachos showed up with one person. That person was the leader. Everyone in the base in real life laughed. Cahockey threw a snowball at him. That person got mad and started throwing snowballs at them. Cahockey then figured out that you felt everything that your person felt on that virtual game. To be continued…


15 Responses

  1. One day there was a piece of cheese named Bob. Someone ate him.

    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. […] Stories […]

  3. Vincent the farting pig

    THE END!!!!!!!!

    Made by


  4. cahocky can you continue the story?

    • I finished the story.

      • can you continue the other story?(Reading keeps me out of trouble)

  5. one day a pig named vincent the farting pig ate a fly
    he got sick
    Farmer Joe got some cow medicine and gave it to him
    He grew and grew and grew until he was bigger than the Petronas Towers
    He destroyed the city
    but one day a new supper hero named Biiels came to save the city
    The thing is he was a penguin.
    That didnt matter
    He threw a pair of fake army men at him but he just ate them
    That was Biiels only purple army men
    Biiels waited in the water under a bridge
    when the pig went on it he blew it up
    the pig fell off
    After a little the whole city ate bacon for 1 year

    THE END!

  6. Biiels

    One day a pig got sick
    a farmer gave him human pills
    he grew and grew and grew until he was bigger than the Petronas towers
    he tried to destroy the city but a penguin named Biiels came to save the day
    He threw some army men at him but he just ate them
    That was the only purple army men Biiels had
    one day Biiels went in the ocean with a bridge over it and waited for the pig to come.
    when he did he blew it up
    everyone in that city ate bacon for 1 year

    The End!

    • ok then…..

    • Sorry Biiels, but you’re story isn’t SW related 😐

  7. i wasnt in the first one… 😦
    -Foo Fighter

  8. im workinj on a story

  9. There once was a penguin named Mr Muckyfeet who saved the world from Herbert P. Bear!(With no help from Raphle8!)

  10. There once was a penguin named Mmjjoo. He was a nice penguin and then one day he met Cahockey. They chated and had some card jut-sue battles and then Cahockey made a penguin army. He called it the Snow Warriors. But he kept it a secret from Mmjjoo. Then one day Mmjjoo overheard Cahockey recruiting and then he went to his computer (in his igloo) and searched up https://cahockeycoolstuff.wordpress.com/
    And then he clicked join and he was in! Eventually Mmjjoo worked his way up to Ambassador! A few weeks later Mmjjoo made the Flame Warriors but there was to many other Flame Warriors 😦 So then he made the Blue Flame Warriors! Mmjjoo is now trying to merge but he needs more members that are not from the Snow Warriors site
    So now Mmjjoo and Cahockey are good buddy’s and will always 🙂 Him and Cahockey wish to fight in wars together as a team but usually Mmjjoo has hockey… So when he can he fights as hard as he could 😀 !!
    The End or is it? DUN DUN DUHH!!!

  11. There once was a penguin named Raphle8 who was friends with Cahockey. Then one day he talked her into joining his army Snow Warriors! Cahockey gave her the website:https://cahockeycoolstuff.wordpress.com/ and she joined.On her first day there was a war between SW and HW. She didn’t know what to do so she arived early and met a penguin named Frothe. He showed her how to do everything. When the war started Raphle8 did her best to win. After 3 whole hours they had won! The other team surrendered so SW won! Then they all headed to the secret base when Raphle met an old friend/enemy Raphle Raven. DUN DUN DUHH!

    To be continued….

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