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SW Empire

Table of Contents

1. Presidents and Vice Presidents

2. Laws

3. Allies and Enemies

4. Land


1. Presidents

Matterhorn: Reeceb

Ice Pond: Darthman10

(Abominable: Greenday184) retired


2. Laws


Probation is when a soldier breaks a rule and is punished. Probation can be a week, a month depending on how big of the rule it was. Probation can be a suspension from this army, or an amount of time without getting promotions (Active, or inactive). If they are suspended from the army, they will be banned from chat until the probation is over. If a leader breaks a rule, another leader can ask Cahockey what to do. If a co-leader breaks a rule, another co-leader or leader can tell a leader. And so on. But, moderators and members cannot put anyone on probation, because they don’t have ownership of SW.


Firing is when a soldier is very inactive or has been really mean to someone in the army and is no longer in the army. When they are fired and they were a high rank, we will have a poll (or I decide) who gets their rank. After fired, they will go at the bottom of ranks with an (F) beside their name.


Retiring is when a soldier doesn’t want to be in an army. Most high ranked or active soldiers will make a speech, including who gets their rank (If fair). Some retired soldiers go in the Hall of Fame, but most just go on the bottom of ranks with an (R) beside their name.


Promotions are when you are active and then you move up a rank. If you want a promotion, come to events and other stuff.


Demotions are handed out to inactive soldiers on promotion/demotion days. Demotions are when you move down a rank.


  1. No bad language because the new recruits don’t want to see that. If you do, you get a complete edited out comment, then a demotion (if in a post you will be contributor for a month, then off the site forever). Words you think that aren’t swear words but are bad words count as the punishment too
  2. Listen to the HIGHEST rank at an event (Well, this one isn’t really a rule, so don’t worry. You can’t be on probation for breaking this one)
  3. No begging for promotions and other things
  4. If you have a rank that lets you schedule events, no using crowded servers (all the ones on first page and mammoth and sometimes frozen) above 9:00 AM PST
  5. No Advertising! You can only advertise on the blogroll. If you advertise, contributor for a week. If you do it again, 2 weeks. Then demotion
  6. No declaring war on army armies if you don’t have permission! The punishment for this will be contributor for a month, and then demotion if you do it again
  7. No giving out personal information of ANYONE! The punishment is contributor for 2 weeks, then demotion.

Golden rule: HAVE FUN!


3. Allies and Enemies


  • None yet

Neutral Allies (Are allies, but before listed, they must help us in war)

  • FS (Fire Squad)
  • GSA (Golden Spy Army)
  • BFW (Blue Flame Warriors)
  • RBA (Red Bull Army)
  • HW (Hydro Warriors)
  • TR (Team Red)
  • TGA (True Green Army)
  • BB (Black Bandits)
  • HFCP (Holiday Freaks of CP)
  • RCP (Rebel Club Penguin)
  • GW (Golden Warriors)
  • Tacos
  • BFA (Bacon Flavored Army)
  • ETCP (Empire Troops)


  • Every other army


  • None yet

4. Land

  • Matterhorn- Capital (Shared with GW)
  • Below Zero
  • Snow Globe
  • Ice Pond
  • Glacier (Shared with HW and BFA)




52 Responses

  1. hey
    maybe we can have a pb sometimes
    with meh new army, the Titans
    FRSW merged into an army called CPL, and their like medium- major now 😀
    -Foo Fighter



  2. Can My army the Yellow Jackets be allies and help us out in a Upcoming War against CP White Ninjas September2nd. (Woo Long Sentence :)) the site is http://www.candyboy8.wordpress.com PLZ.
    ~Candyboy8 SW, Ambassodor


    SURE! SW is here to help!

  3. […] SW Empire […]

  4. cahockey can my army share mukluk or abominable


    To do that you have to be a FULL ally, not a neutral ally

  5. Why is the Fire Squad now a neutral ally?


    FS is a Neutral Ally because they never actually helped SW in the Yellow Jackets war. You never commented on the one on my site or the one on your OWN site! 😕 And Me, Frothe1, Mckewanman, and Mathmatt were the only people at the war.

  6. I want to fight you for slushy my red bull army will kill comment back on my site if u want war or allies http://redbullarmy.wordpress.com

  7. Put Hw as a ally now we have made up

  8. snowcap, icicle and ice pond are owned by armies already

    Cahockey: No they aren’t. And if you all of a sudden say you own them, I will still have them.

  9. You do not own Icicle. Icicle is owned by the Mysterious Freedom Warriors. Link Removed- No Advertising! Check for yourself.

  10. The CPAU(Club Penguin Amry Unit) owns Snow Globe.Please take it off your servers or we have to battle for it. Link Removed- No Advertising! is our website.


    Cahockey: ACP lets small armies use it, so you can take it *ONO*

  11. Umm, Watex Warriors own Snowcap. Check their site if you want proof (P.S. They’ve owned it for longer than you…) and if you don’t accpet it, WW may declare war on you. And HW will help. Just be warned…

    • you are so stupid,WE SHARE IT!

      • Lol, if so why don’t WW out ”Shared with SW” then?

  12. cahockey my army and DM are invading abominable for look at my site for details its war and invasion so be there to defend abominable

    Cahockey: Good Luck 😆 I know why you got DM 😕 . I am retiring from WW if you don’t cancel this.

    • DM hate you and you wont promo me so we teamed up

      Cahockey: Wow Kieran 😆 You’re invading my server because I wouldn’t promote you? There is a limit of 3 co-leaders. And Darth and Mmjjoo are WAY more active than you.

      • You can’t excpect to be promoted as a co-leader with NO open spots.and besides,you check the site every four days,we have plenty of people that check the site at least once a day

  13. there unlimted amount of people you can have as one rank

  14. You should probably check if other armies own this, WW (Watex Warriors) owns Snowcap for example. If you take it off the page, nothing will happen. Not, we’re on 😉

  15. Im sure i can make it at january 2nd

  16. Listen you should take Abominable off your list as i said before BFA owns it.

    Cahockey: Do you fully know how armies work? 🙄 You have to invade it from us.

    • We own it not you. :ROLL: and if you dont take it off your list we will invade all of your servers.

      Cahockey: If you knew how armies worked, you’d know that you’d have to invade it from us. Wow… I told you that already 🙄 Anyway, if you invaded our servers, it would be a tie. You’d have more people, and we’d have better tactics. So that makes it a tie. That’s how wars work.

    • Lol You Cant Just Go Around Taking Servers Without Invading Lol You Dont Know How To Lead An Army xD

      • We own the server not SW *roll*

  17. Can TeamRed be alleis with you guys?

    Link Removed- No Advertising! 🙄


    Yeah sure.

  18. Lol BB can be your allies 😛

    Cahockey: Of course!

  19. hey where r u guys i am waiting at snow forts

  20. The sp and CPUD r attacking ur server below zero on the 21st

    Cahockey: You are mental. We don’t even use this site. Get a life and go to our new site mister mental.

  21. Better take Ice Pond down. CPD owns that

    Cahockey: Retard. We don’t use this site. And you can’t beat us, retard.

    • wrong u r so weird and have no idea wat ur up against

      Cahockey: The sad thing is that you need allies to beat us. That’s sad. Bagawk. Chicken.

      • wats sad 4 u is that u dont know how 2 make a website and ur just scared cuz u know u dont have any allies, so go cry if ur gonna but cry 2 us.

        Cahockey: Nut job, we do know how to make a website, want we to teach you how? You’d need it. We have allies that get 10+ people at events. We’ll even show you. You’re a tard.

    • wanna bet

      Cahockey: Sure, lets see a link to your army. We’ll pwn you.

  22. unless u want to fight 4 it, we have allies that will help us beat u

  23. ur other site FAILS along with ur army.

    Cahockey: Our other site is better than you could ever get, my army would pwn yours. But since you’d need 20 allies, we have big allies, so be careful what you say, retard.

    • u better watch ur back considering u dont have any allies. duh

      Cahockey: We have allies that get ten at events, wanna see?

      • we have allies that get 30+ at events.

        Cahockey: Fake.

  24. oh and btw this means WAR!!!!!!! oh srry, didnt mean to use words mor than 4 letters, i didnt want 2 confuse u.

    Cahockey: I don’t care, we’d win. And, it’s okay if you don’t want to confuse yourself. I know you can barely read, so that’s fine 😉

    • 1 last thing, i dont think u can beat 1 of the LARGEST armies on cp, so u can cry and squaqk like a chicken, becuz u have the brain of 1.

      Cahockey: Typo. You mean one of the smallest armies in CP, right? Try to insult me all you want, it’s like you running into a brick wall, which you probably do everyday. And at least I can spell.

  25. ohhhh nice comeback. at least i dont get my comebacks from a book. running into a brick wall, me, a straight A student. i say what i mean and i mean what i say. plus i know grammar, mister all mighty nut job weirdo. sorry a fortune cookie and joke book cant beat me.

    Cahockey: I pissed myself laughing when you said you were a straight A student. That is impossible. And you don’t know grammar, you probably get an F, you second grader.

  26. oh and you, have allies. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, oh you were serious. some ally you are. you didnt even list them.

    Cahockey: I still want a link for your retarded army. Anyway, we have th Ice Vikings, and the Gatorade Gators, that’s it cause we don’t need anymore getting 10-11 at events now. IV get 15, GG get like 6. 10+15+6=pwned

  27. Let’s see, nachos get 30 plus, we get 3 and skeleton people get 6. 30+6+3=more than you, and we’ve got more allies than that. And if I’m a second grader, your a new born baby. Do you want me to send a copy of my report card to you, baby? By the way, I can hear you crying from my house about future comments coming your way. Why are you hiding on this new website of yours? Are you scared of someone?

    Cahockey: You get 0-1, SP get 2, I had a war with them, and you don’t have nachos. No small army does. We aren’t hiding, and we aren’t scared of anyone. But you are scared of SW so you need allies.

      no. the only person scared here is you. you keep telling yourself that you will win. ill post when we get on, and you dont show up so we win. and yes, we are allies with the nachos, anybody who asks and helps them in battle(of which we did both) is their ally. be prepared to see that post that says you didn’t show up, and don’t cry. nobody is psychic and we know that, which is exactly why we are doing this. and before you sat that its not fair know this, life isn’t fair, so really, by taking your server, we will help you in life. have fun with the past. we don’t care if you are undefeated, we will still win, because we are smarter than you. learn in life this, somebody is always better than you, and you’ve just met them. you are talking about beating an army that had 1, yes 1, person take down the acp on their own server. that is something that your entire army and allies couldn’t do, but 1 cpd member did it. Good luck, and i don’t say it to be sarcastic, but because im a good sport.

      Cahockey: All I’m gonna say here: http://snowwarriorssecondgen.wordpress.com/2010/09/13/taking-ice-pond-from-noob-army/

      • and we get 3 minimum out of 5.

      • by take down, i don’t mean end them, i mean beat them at the time.

    • your just digging yourself into a deeper hole. hope you dont fall in. your ego wouldnt fit.

      Cahockey: If I made a hole a millimetre deep and wide your head would fit it.

  28. I’m tired of these mind games. Your army may be mighty and powerful, but your not psychic. My army and some of our allies will invade the server ice pond in the next 2 weeks. If you guys don’t show up, we win. You have to claim 3 major rooms to win. Good luck on winning that. Not so tough now, are you? I can’t wait 2 see your reply. And trust me, your little comments may seem confident, but I know the truth, and you can’t stop this small army from walking onto and taking your server. And remember this, if you want to mess with a small army again, consider how smart they might be compared to how smart you think you are, because you just got beaten by an army with 5 members because you thought you were so clever. Also, be careful of the armies you mess with, because I will be checking your sites frequently to see what your doing. Good luck beating us. And by the way you have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, and yes, that’s a real word, look it up.

    Cahockey: Lol there is no way we would have a no show. There would be for you though. I still want to see a link of your army, you can’t actually have an army without a website. And we never got beaten by an army of five, we have only been beaten by the GT, major army. That’s it. We’ve had quite a few ties, but only 2 losses. A war with you would add another to our win list.

    • really so you’re psychic. ahem no. and yes you can have an army without a website, and your about to get beat by 1. and no i dont feel sorry for you. expect the impossible. like i told you, hiding behind smug little comments doesn’t say anything. theres a storm coming, catagory 5, and you cant evacuate. and dont bother replying, i know you have no wit, and your little comeback book doesn’t have anything for this. and always always always remember the name CPD and the AMAZING word that you dont have any clue about, hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. i know that you dont patrol your servers, and yes the nachos are our allies, your just scared to admit the truth. ive helped them, and they will help me.

      Cahockey: Retard. The Nachos would never help a small army, especially if it has no website. Not gonna happen, retard.

      • weve had a name change, we are now the CPED.

    • you can have an army wihout a website. many international armies today don’t have websites.

      Cahockey: No, you need a website. Well, if you don’t have one, your army is screwed. Like yours 🙂

  29. we have a website now

  30. the link is

  31. Plz add swat to allies

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