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Mid-week recruit

Its about time we tried to do some recruiting for our army. Show your support and lend a hand.

Date: Wednesday, April 28th


  • 4:00 PM PST
  • 7:00 PM EST
  • 12:00mid GMT

Location: Matterhorn (if its full then Ice Pond), Town

Lets see if we can make some new friends and increase the penguin power of The Snow Warriors. :mrgreen:


Practice Battle with Pretzels

No we are not having a snack while we PB. 😆 We are having a practice battle with the Pretzel Army of CP. Here is all the important info:

*Time had been changed and updated*

Date: Friday, April 30th


  • 3:00 PM PST
  • 6:00 PM EST
  • 11:00 PM GMT

Location: Snowfall Snowforts

Comment if you can or can not come. 😉

*Remember to help build Snow Warriors city by clicking here *

Better day on Mukluk

Its was a better day on Mukluk because I was not alone this time. However we only had 3 warriors and that was not enough to take Mukluk back from the CP Union army. 😦

We fought hard and our tactics were good but they were good also and they outnumbered us. 😕

Sorry I only got a few pics which didn’t show much action. Believe me we were all fighting hard. 😉

We did a toot charge while they did a joke bomb inside the mine.

Thanks to Ezyegamer, Jake46789, and myself (Frothe1) for showing up to an important battle to regain control of Mukluk, but to no avail. I will try to get the medals page revived this week so we can reap the rewards of being active. Everybody else needs to pick it up for the Snow Warriors. 😐

This Saturday

Rockhopper will be at the island this weekend. So that means tons of people who need to find an army to join will be on CP. I will be up early on Saturday on our chat. We will be doing some recruiting and other things like trying to track Rockhopper, playing treasure hunt, maybe some card-jitsu or whatever else we can think of that would be fun.

Time I (Frothe1) will be on chat:
11am EST 10am CST 9am MT 8am PST until
2pm EST 1pm CST 12noon MT 11am PST

I will return to chat at:
4pm EST 3pm CST 2pm MT 1pm PST until whenever.

This is a great opportunity for us to grow and have fun at the same time. So please comment on when you may be attending.

I would like the other leaders to add to this post when they may be available to help out. Times and suggestions.

PS: I am a great Rockhopper tracker. If he is on I will find him. So don’t miss out.

Practice Battle with the new Water Warriors

Okay I talked to the leader of the new Water Warriors, Alybaba77. They want a PB with us so I set it up. Here are the details:

Date: Sunday, February 21th 2010


  • 1:00 PM PST
  • 4:00 PM EST
  • 9:00 PM GMT

Location: Snow Globe, Snow Forts

There will be no allies and no bots allowed from either army!

I think we are an even match by numbers but maybe we should have some recruiting this week also?

Fun Times Cahockey’s 2 Year Birthday Party

Well we had a great time at Cahockey’s 2 year Birthday party in his igloo. We watched hockey on tv. Ate some pizza. Sang Happy Birthday. Opened presents. Ate some cake. Then played some hockey at the Ice Rink. Did some sledding on the mountain. Finally played some Card-jitsu/fire in the Dojo. Besides our host Cahockey, I would like to thank Homboy678, Kkabc123, Koko218, and Mckewanman for coming and making this event so special. Sorry if I forgot anybody else who came. And I am sorry I lost my 3 pictures that I took when my computer froze up and I had to unplug it. So if anyone got pictures please leave a link and I will post them.

Snow Warriors win over Sky Warriors

The Sky Warriors failed to show up and Cahockey and Frothe1 did. So we win by default! Here is a pic of the Shiver Snowforts.