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Snow Warriors of Club Penguin™ is a Club Penguin army. Our goverment type is republic. Our main color is white. We were formed on August 26th 2009

Here is some info about me, Cahockey:

Hi, I’m Cahockey. I joined CP on January 5th 2008. I was a member until It expired in July 2009. I started an army, but it failed. I changed it to a hockey team, and then another army. I like when people are active, and I especially like when people that join they use capitals, read edits on comments, and use punctuation (a.k.a. grammar).

Well, Here is some info about SW (Snow Warriors of Club Penguin™):

Founded by: Cahockey

Date: August 25th 2009

Main Color: White (Reason: because it’s snow color)

Leaders: Cahockey, Greenday184, Frothe1


8 Responses

  1. (i.e):) 😦 😀

  2. awesome :S

  3. 😀 (H)

  4. how do you put the pictures in the square beside my name??????????????????????????????????????????????????


    You need a WordPress account

  5. I just want to say Club penguin rocks

    snow warriors of CP ROCKS even harder

    Peace Out!

  6. Sorry I wasen`t here I was in kelowna!

    And diden`t get back until ten forty last night.


  7. I am joing the igloo contest.
    I just havent left a comment for a while.
    I am just going to wait until the new igloo catalogs.
    When the come on the 20th of November.

  8. and frothe 😉


    I really haven’t updated these pages in a while 😐

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