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C Page

This is the “comment page”. All you do is comment what number of comment you have and any thing else appropriate for 7-10 year olds.

This is how you do it:

1st ________________________ (The line is for anything you want that’s appropriate.

~~~Power In The Orange~~~



29 Responses

  1. 1st :mrgreen:


  2. 2nd XD

  3. 3rd 😆

  4. 5th 😉

  5. 6th

  6. The real 6th

  7. 7th
    Chocolate Bar

  8. 8th
    $100 Bill

  9. 9th

  10. 10th
    I’m Back

  11. 11th
    $5 Bill

  12. 12th
    Quarter (25 cents)

  13. 13th
    Penny (1 cent)

  14. 14th
    Nickel (5 cents)

  15. 15th
    Dime (10 cents)

  16. 16th
    $10 Bill

  17. 17th
    $20 Bill

  18. 18th
    $50 Bill

  19. 19th
    $100 Bill

  20. 20th
    I’m Pooped


  22. i rated

  23. On the sports poll, I voted for hockey

  24. on the sports poll i voted other(A.K.A softball)

  25. i voted for hockey yay!

  26. On the school subject poll I voted Math. Yay, 5 free medals!

  27. On the school subject poll I voted other(A.K.A. all of them)Update the madal list!

  28. lol i voted art

  29. 29th!

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