Non-Member Uniform:

Member Uniform:

If you don’t have any of the stuff from the uniform, just wear white in that place. No one will have white on their face, so they wear black.


22 Responses

    i just joined today and when is the next battle recruiting session etc?
    can i get a rank plz to that would be nice.


  2. i got the uni

  3. mckewanman

    can we hold the pink or red eletric guitar?

    just athought

  4. i am a NON MEMBER and do not have a sailors hat or blue and white facepaint.What do i were?

    • How can you have the medal but not the face paint *ONO*? Wear something with white or nothing there.

  5. just a non member uniform?

    Cahockey: Umm… no *ONO*

    • Blazeion: well, i dont see any member uniform

  6. I got every thing and uniforms awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. did you change them cuz they look changed to me from the last time

    Cahockey: Yeah, I changed them.

    • Black for non-mems? I thought it was blue…

  8. o

  9. cool member oufit

  10. iLUV ur uniform!!!

  11. Can leaders where blue as their color so people know witch person to obey.

    Cahockey: How bout we change something on the member uniform for the leaders. I don’t want to take out white puffle… Idk what to change…

  12. where do you get the shoes for the non members?

    • I know one of the treasure books have them but you need a code to get them.

      I think they were given away a long time ago as a free item.

  13. ya hes right

  14. i dont have the black mask is blue mask alright?

  15. i don”t have any white neck items either

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