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Recruiting Strategies

Snow Warriors recruiting strategies

Tip#1:When recruiting on ClubPenguin,say “look up snow warriors and join” or “look up snow warriors of cp to join”.

Tip#2:If some penguin comes up to you and asks, “where do you search that?” say “anywhere on the web” and then “join on the join page”.And do not give up on a confused penguin.

Tip#3:When recruiting on chats,don’t just say “JOIN SNOW WARRIORS OF CP!!!!!” and then give the link.You have to say nice things. For example:

“The Snow Warriors of ClubPenguin are looking for some experienced recruits.You will be treated like family.We have a lot of fun in this army and would like to know if you would like to join.”

Tip#4:When recruiting on chats,try to compromise with people.Sometimes when talking to people on chats I tell them I will join their army if they join this ours.

Tip#5:Try to recruit at like 3p.m.(your time),7p.m.(your time) or 5p.m.(your time) These are times ClubPenguin is busy.

Tip#6:Recruit in crowded servers like the town,plaza,dock,and the ski village. Also if a special room (like rockhoppers room or a member room) comes to CP,recruit in those.



9 Responses

  1. feel free to add to this anyone

  2. hmm

  3. we want a practice war im the leader of the midnight rock warriors

    • Try giving us a link next time.

  4. m

  5. Good strategies Cahockey.

    ~ Koko218 ~

    Cahockey: It was Greenday, but thanks 😉

  6. *edited out*


    *Frothe: Please come to our new site: http://snowwarriorssecondgen.wordpress.com/

  8. You are scared to invade our server, exact reason why you did a sneak attack. Tell me why else you did one. We never showed up because A) you never told us or anybody B) you broke 24 hour rule. That’s how scared you are.

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