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Our Tactics

So, this page is some tactics that we use. They are basically simple. Here are some:

  • Fart Bomb: Whenever a leader starts running around and farting, run around pressing E+T
  • Snowball attack: Whenever a leader moves anywhere and throws a snowball at another army, you go to that place and throw snowballs (press “T” or the snowball icon) at that army.
  • Joke Bomb: When a leader runs around telling jokes, run around pressing “J”
  • War Faces: When a leader runs around with a mad face on, start running around pressing E+9
  • Defense Emotes: Whenever an army charges you with words, press E+I
  • Line: Whenever a leader moves to the top/side of the room and waves, line under/beside him
  • Emote Bomb: When a leader runs around doing an igloo emote, run with him pressing E+I
  • Circle: When a leader says “circle”, form a circle around him. This tactic is really hard, and it takes practice
  • Double Line: When a leader says “double line”, another leader (or other high rank) will make another line. Lines must be even (unless you have an odd number of troops). This one is also hard, because everyone picks the first line 🙄
  • Word Bomb: When a leader says “Type in ________________ but don’t press enter” on chat, type it in, BUT DON’T PRESS ENTER! A leader will then say “Press Enter”. When they do, run around the room saying it.
  • Igloo Run: When a leader says “Igloo Run” on chat, run up and down the room pressing E+I.
  • Surprise Attack 1: When a leader says “surprise attack 1 to ________” on chat, go to the room he/she said. Then, he will say “go to the ______(whatever room you were in)”. Then, joke bomb the place
  • Surprise attack 2: Same thing as surprise attack 1, but you emote bomb instead of joke bombing


  • Color pwns words. When an army joke bombs you, defense emotes are the answer
  • Never joke bomb when another army joke charges you! It just makes theirs look bigger!

6 Responses

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  2. yay i checked this page and now I know how to do all the charges… well…um…I will tell you a possibley good tactic. rapidly press or hold t and keep cliccking, it really works, if you were at the war on the 18th then you know I did that for no reason, well bye!!

    • Wow! I thought i was the only one that knew that!

  3. i have some great tactics that i will unleash on HW at the war.

  4. […] Our Tactics […]

  5. *edited out*

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