Hall of Fame

This is where I describe all the things about the soldiers that have currently retired.

-Foo Fighter-

Foo Fighter was the most active soldier I have ever seen besides me in ICS/FS. He joined ICS and followed until Today. He retired, then came back as a Brigadier General in SW. He will never be forgotten and I will think about how great he was in here and how active he was for all the days I live. Goodbye Foo Fighter.


Anderson4 joined FS and followed ever through to SW. He has been very active. He was very nice and active. He gave his spot (Co-Leader) to Reeceb.


Greenday joined FS and stayed ’till SW. He was like the best soldier we had. He came to almost every event possible. He even made an army and said it would merge into SW. He advertised on a lot of sites to help us. He would recruit a lot. He got us like 5 people from CP. One was active! He checked like 5 times every day. He even came to events if he was at his Grandpa’s house! Greenday is my favorite SW troop, no doubt. Goodbye Greenday. You were the best SW troop.


6 Responses

  1. first person to go to hall of fame 😎
    -Foo Fighter :mrgreen:

  2. Please come back Foo Fighter 😥 😥


  3. Go Foo Fighter!!

  4. foo fighter

    stop hiting me with your cane

  5. Sorry I saaid stop hitting me with your cane Cahockey

    And (Foofighter).

  6. cheese

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