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Promo Day!/Probation To Mr. Muckyfeet


Orange= Really Active, tries to come to every event (checks website 2 times every day)

Green= is active, and comes to half of the events (checks website every 1-2 days)

Blue= Kind of active, comes to none/a quarter of the events (checks website every 3-7 days)

Red= Inactive, Never been to any events (never checks website)

Black= Just joined (switched after a week)

*If people have a name with 2 colors in it, it means that they are between the two.

Owner/Main Owner ranks are required to have a WordPress account so they can be on the site and posting. Here is what each one should be:

Leader- Admin or Editor, depending on how much trust I have in them

Co-leader- Editor or Author, depending on how much trust I have in them

Ambassador- Author or Contributor, depending on how much trust I have in them

Brigadier General- Contributor

NOTE: Reeceb is Main Owner because he created the chat.

Leaders (3. Max. 3): Cahockey, Greenday184, Frothe1


Co-Leaders (3. Max 3.)– Reeceb, Foo Fighter, Raphle8

Ambassadors (3. Max. 3): Kieranmega Y, Darthman10, Mmjjoo

Brigadier Generals (2. Max 3): Mckewanman, Mathmatt


Head General (0)

Grand General (1) Ice Boy 60

General (2) Biiels, J55559

Major General (2)Dannydinio, Candyboy8,


Commander (0)

Captain (2) Mr Muckyfeet, Kkabc123

Major (0)

Colonel (0)-

Lieutenant (0)-

Officer (0)-

Sergeant (0)- Ninja4848

Corporal (15)- Tat20s, Kiko 9989, Pengo629, Jtzink, Pvgracie, Naruto238, Fredh8er, Rider4429, Mcnuggetboy, Beduw5, Coldfreeze, Loonie 11, Icey Cold27, Tree Line 1, Bloby3000


Snow Division (Matterhorn/Slushy):

Cahockey, Rider4429, Naruto238, Mathmatt,  Mckewanman, Jtzink, Raphle8, Kkabc123, Ice Boy 60, Icey Cold27

Slush Division (Mukluk):

Kieranmega Y, Beduw5, Foo Fighter, Pengo629, Dannydinio, Loonie 11, Kiko 9989, Mcnuggetboy, Biiels, Bloby3o00, Greenday184, Ninja4848

Ice Division (Abominable/Snow Globe):

Candyboy8, Coldfreeze, Fredh8er, Mmjjoo, Reeceb, Tat20s, Darthman10, Pvgracie, Mr Muckyfeet, J55559, Tree Line 1, Frothe1

Retired (R)/Fired (F):

Empoleon2042 (F), Ads354 (F), Wojanna2 (F), Junnk (F), Tryeuwqiop (F), Koko218 (R), Anderson4 (R)

Total Troops:



Speaking of the probation, Mr. Muckyfeet is on a 2 month no promotion probation. What she did wasn’t that bad, so it will only be no promotions. Please don’t ask why I put her on probation, it’s a long story.


2 Responses

  1. I know that story!He He He!

    • Yes, I know you do.

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